The archipel of Madeira has been elected several years in a row as the best island destination in Europe and the world.


It bears the names of "the island of flowers" as well as "the black pearl of the Atlantic".

"The island of flowers": it is adorned in all seasons with multiple flowers, especially in spring: agapanthus, hydrangeas, birds of paradise, broom, tulip trees of Gabon, bougainvillea, hibiscus, ....

"The black pearl of the Atlantic": it is a privileged place with its atlantic warm curent. Black because it is a volcanic resurgence. It keeps an impressive mountain range, a diversity of fabulous landscapes, of sand beaches or black pebbles.


Surrounding by crystalline water, ranging from ultramarine blue to turquoise. 

Its location makes it a subtropical island with pleasant air and water temperatures all year round, enjoying an eternal spring. 


This Portuguese island allows to discover, a warm welcome from the inhabitants, festive traditions and excellent gastronomy with its regional products, sports and leisure activities on land, in the air or in the ocean.


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To do

Levada do Caldeirao Verde
Levada do Caldeirao Verde

The levadas

Levadas are irrigation canals bringing water collected in the mountains from waterfalls to the agricultural lands of the valleys and the coast.

A pedestrian path runs all the way enabling to hike and to make canyoning.


The island has nearly 3000 kms of levadas, with differents degrees of difficulty.

You will discover breathtaking landscapes, you will cross the laurel forest classified as World Heritage, you will reach the natural pools with waterfalls, you will see the endemic birds, you will be lulled by the sounds of nature. 


-Levada do Caldeirao verde

-Levada das 25 Fontes e Risco

-Levada Ribeiro Frio/Portela

-Levada Nova and levada Moinho


Ponta de São Lourenço

A breathtaking hike to the east end of the island

Pico Arieiro and Pico Ruivo 

The highest points of the island at on altitude of 1885m (5655 ft).

There, you touch the sky and a sea of clouds is at your feet.


For the bravest, hike between the two Picos

View of Jardin Tropical
View of Jardin Tropical


The capital deserves to linger there to visit:

-its architecture

-its parks: the tropical garden of Monte Palace, the botanical garden, the municipal gardens

-its cathedral, monuments, museums

-its old town with all the painted doors

-the funicular

-its descents in wicker baskets

-its restaurants, bars, discotheques

-the Mercado dos Lavradores market to get drunk with smells and colors

-the port and marina

-its Formosa black sand beach.


Fireworks on the 31st december
Fireworks on the 31st december

The festivities

Madeira is always celebrating, whether it is holy feasts, or city and village festivals all year long.


The most remarkable:

-the fireworks of December 31

-Carnival celebrations

-Flower Festival

-the Atlantic Festival 

-the wine festival ...........


The north coast

The north has magical landscapes with contrasting colors.


Porto Moniz's natural pools.

Santana's typical and colorful houses. 

Porta da Cruz' surf spot and black sand beach.


Cabo Girão

The background photo is from there!

The highest cliff in Europe is in Madeira and rises at 580m (1740 ft).


With it's glass platform's spectacular view.


Câmara de Lobos

The typical fishing village


The seaside resort 

Paul da Serra

Who would believe that a mountainous island can present a huge plateau on its middle?

And a road to infinity?

Curral das Freiras 

A village nestled in a parade that leaves us stunned.

Its story does the same.